Lmao lmao LOL!!!!!

2009-12-08 11:42:08 by KoldKane

Sitting here enjoying my 50 day Review Ban due to DJ Jolly's pussy ass snitching cause the pussy n***a cant handle the truth about pussy Wisconsin!!! Lol. Peace snitches!!!!!


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2009-12-08 12:57:02

nobody is snitchin
I was sittin here handlin me
and then I get a message that says

"From: KoldKane
Sent: 12/07/09 22:51
Subject: lmao
lmfao you a snitch bra!!! and u claim to be this and that and say wisconsin is hard bra this just proves your a lil scary ass kid like a child on halloween peace bra lol"

I don't know you, I've never heard of you.
Then when I call you out on how fake you are
you post even more shit?
what is that. C'mon man, get a life


2009-12-08 13:13:21

oh and on your adress
is it above roberts shoes,
above foot lockers
maybe its above the H&R block?
or a little farther down the road?
cause if you want this for real...
then you want this

KoldKane responds:

First off nigga Footlocker over on West Minneapolis NOT SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS dumbass nigga. I got my bitch Ashley to tell u dat she live there aswell bitch nigga. And further more. You want real beef fucks wit me nigga 26th n Cedar lil earth housing projects. Dare u to walk thru da hood pussy boi!!!


2009-12-14 03:41:17

You haven't answered me. Why do you keep saying that shit when you're not black?

KoldKane responds:

the fuck is u talkin bout nigga???


2009-12-14 19:01:11

You aren't black, so watch your language.

KoldKane responds:

lmao. well i usually dont use the N word unless im super pissed. other then that you do got a point. Ehh shit happens tho right??? Lol......Anyways good day.

1 Hunned

1 Buck Real


2009-12-22 15:15:08

I would do what the gotti boyz of new orleans do.Kill all snitches,but i just got out.I did what i had to do.


2010-01-03 16:36:54

Are you not going to respond to my track?


2010-01-10 06:15:19

Ha first off. sayin n***a over and over makes you sound like the dumbest mother fucker alive. speak proper english. you dont claim nothing you dont rep nothing. you know who reps your state. the "REP"RESENTATIVES. and congress.

you think your good, show me what you got.

Im calling your bluff....

KoldKane responds:

Who reps my state? Brah Prince holdin down the state.. And if you want beef brah come see.