2010-01-12 13:26:47 by KoldKane

Yall really got nothin better to do but get offensive over the word n***a. LMAO!!! Yall tryna call my bluff, n***a come see bout me then pussy ass N***A!!! I garuntee most of you pussy mark ass N***AZ wont come and do shit. Yall n***az know where I be at. 26th n Cedar OR Chicago Ave and Lake St South Minneapolis, MN!!! Yall n***az to pussy to come fucks wit me. Fuck yall lame n***az. Real n***az kno what it do. Fuck yall shit talkin faggots. lmao.....im out.


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2010-01-12 19:00:38

He First off i dont "wanna come see you"
Just listen for sxomehting soon.
secodn you call me a pussy, ok, thats fine, at least i dont look mentally challenged
you sound like your quite slow.
Yo ill crush you, make a freestyle. i dont wanna fight its all about the music. Give me a good freestyle or fuck diss the fuck out of me. lest see what you got

KoldKane responds:

You a fuckin pussy ass juggalo. FUCK YO DARK CIRCUS BITCH!


2010-01-13 14:07:48

Obvious troll is obvious.

KoldKane responds:

You a bitch fuck boi


2010-01-12 14:00:16

two words. Fucking n00b.

KoldKane responds:

Lmao pussy


2010-01-19 12:35:45

What the fuck is this? But he's white trying to talk like he's black... This is the most fail attempt of a self ego-boost I've ever seen. This kid is whack.

Yall really got nothin better to do but get offensive over the word n***a. LMAO!!!

Only kids can't type and put lots of emphasis on their capitals words with lots of exclamation marks.

Peace Nukka

KoldKane responds:

Lmao nigga you lame brah.


2010-01-14 21:13:25

Really? " omg let me run and hide". Are you SERIOUS? fuck my dark circus? its not my circus its icp's . STOP ACTING LIEK SOMETHING YOUR NOT. Your white act it.

KoldKane responds:

Chicago and Lake South Minneapolis. Come see bout me then bitch nigga. Yo pussy ass wont show up. That I kno


2010-01-13 20:57:48

Lol, I dare you to respond boy. If you're all hood, you should be able to battle me.

KoldKane responds:

Lmao nigga I checked yo shit didnt hear no "Diss Track" fuck boi